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Gravel Bike vs. Road Bike

It is said that a bike is better than a girlfriend. If you live in the countryside or in a place where transportation is not much available, bikes are very much helpful to you. You can ride on this nature-friendly transport for both exercise and recreation. You can park it very easily and it will …

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Pros and Cons of Bicycle and Car

The wheel of civilization accelerated with the advancements of mode transportations and communication. The invention of bicycles and cars is one of the greatest inventions of human civilization. These made communication and transportation far easier and faster than ever. But these two modes of transportations have their own merits and demerits in terms of human …

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How to Clean a Rusty Bike Chain

Rusty chain can cause you a problem if you want a ride on your bike after a certain period. There’s always a chance to develop rust on the metallic part of a cycle if you keep it outside. Rust can cause your bike’s discoloration and will turn into a significant problem if you are not …

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