Best Fat Bikes Under $2000 – Worth Buying 2020


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If you are searching for the best fat bikes under 2000, this is the right place to find out. Fat bikes are very popular for extreme weather like muddy roads, heavy snow, desert areas, or mountain roads. Day by day, Fat bikes are getting popular around the world.

Nowadays fat bikes have versatile use because of good grip, balance, comfortable, fun to ride anywhere, etc. Riding a complete fat bike gives the thrill of adventure on a normal ride.

For this reason, we went through testing and reviewing some fat bikes to find out the best Fat Bikes. It was hard to find out the best ones under 2000 dollars.

Which fat tire bike would give you the best value, fun under the budget? We have covered the 8 best Fat Bikes here for under 2000 dollars, their advantages, disadvantages, our verdicts, everything here for choosing the correct one.

You have options to choose the best one for you here after reading the review of our favorite 8 best fat bikes. Let’s Find out.

Top 8 Best Fat Bikes Under $2000

Our Top Picks

Budget Friendly

  • Mongoose brand is well known for build quality.
  • Sturdy frame for absorbing the shocks while riding.
  • Riding any terrain easily like sands, snows, mountains, muds, etc.
  • Fat tires give maximum balancing in any road conditions.

Editor choice

  • 20 miles coverage on a single charge.
  • IPx4 rating water resistance.
  • 18.6 miles per hour top speed.
  • Pedal-assist with 83% less effort on hill rides.
  • Kickstand with locking function for standstill.

Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike offers knobby tires for biking at any kind of territory comfortably and safely. Lightweight alloy rim design for fast acceleration and climbing any terrain. This bike’s disc brakes ensure safety and pedals are soft for enjoying the ride.


This bike’s frame size is 17 inches/Medium, steel is the main material. Wheel size is 26 inches, width 4 inches. Front and rear brakes are disc brakes (hydraulic). This bike is ideal for 5.6 inches to 6.0 inches tall persons. Among the three available colors, navy blue is the popular choice.


  • Wide fat tires for better gripping and maintaining stability.
  • Enhanced frame design for better control.
  • Twist shifter featured a 7-speed gearbox for smooth riding.
  • Front and rear disc brakes for safe braking.


  • One of the best fat bikes under $1000.
  • Effective mechanical disc brakes against snows, sand.
  • Solidly built frame design for longevity.
  • Suitable for exercising in any weather condition.
  • Perfect fitted chain with leg safety.


  • Little heavier than regular bikes.
  • Not a perfect match for 6 inches+ guys.

Verdicts – Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike is an entry level mountain bike featuring everything you needed for enjoying a trek fat bike ride. Big wide tire, good looking, 7 gear, good brakes – everything u could ask for a good mountain bike. If this bike matches your requirements then go for it and enjoy all-terrain biking.

Outroad Mountain Bike is an Anti-Slip bike that has a good grip in sands. Carbon steel frame, quality fork suspension, and dual disc hydraulic brakes give you a very comfortable, safe, enjoyable ride in snow, mud, city roads, or dirt.


This bike’s rim size is 26 inches, width 4 inches. The frame is made of carbon steel, fork suspension has good shock absorption ability. This bike supports a maximum of 440 lbs weight of the riders and 5.5 inches to 6.2 inches in height for riders. There are two colors available, Black & White.


  • The frame is very sturdy because of the carbon steel frame.
  • Fat tire offers non-slip, water resistance, good grip in all weather conditions.
  • 3 chain gears with 7-speed gearbox for maximum speed.
  • The front suspension offers high-performance shock absorption.


  • Large sprocket gear for quick adjustment.
  • Comfortable Seat design.
  • Anti slippery knobby tire for all terrain.
  • Necessary required tools available in the package.
  • Fork suspension has an advantage over traditional bikes.


  • Water bottle holders get stuck occasionally.
  • Seat height is moderate.

Verdicts – Knobby tires, carbon steel body frame, 21-speed gearbox with the sprocket, fork suspension, etc have given Outroad Mountain Bike advantage over other fat bikes in terms of build quality, comfort, safety. Despite some cons, this is a great budgeted fat bike for sure for all-terrain.

As the name suggests, ECOTRIC Electric Powerful Bicycle is an electronic engine powered fat tire bike which gives a maximum 20 mph/h speed and can go over 19 miles on a single charge. This powerful electric bike ensures not only speed but also comfort, a stylish look, safety with disc brakes, and enjoyment of the ride.


This bike is powered by a 500-watt motor and 36V battery. It's designed on an aluminum 26 inches frame. Its tire size is 26 inches/4 inches. The maximum weight carrying capacity is 260LBs. Available colors are orange, blue, black.


  • Anti-Skidding waterproof tire to cover all terrains.
  • 7-speed gear system with 20 mph/h speed with pedal assist.
  • Mechanical Tektro dual disc brake for safety.
  • LCD panel gives information about constant speed, the speed limit function.


  • Effective grip in all seasonal roads.
  • Powerful engine with good battery backup.
  • Walk assist model, pedal-assist for riding mountains or trek roads.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Comfortable riding with an adjustable handlebar.


  • Requires a long charging time.
  • No led backlights available.

Verdicts – E fat bikes are becoming more popular day by day. ECOTRIC Electric Powerful Bicycle offers an affordable electronic powered engine with some good features, despite some failings of modern features. This bike is indeed one of the best fat bikes under an affordable budget.

Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike is made for kids. This fat tire mountain bike offers a 4.6-inch width tire and alloy frame made this bike very light yet powerful for climbing mountains or snowy roads or off roads. Shimano derailleur enhances the speed required for this trek fat bike for moving smoothly.


This bike's dimension is 58 x 24 x 33 inches, frame size 13 inches. This bike is for kids with a height range of 48 – 60 inches tall. Adjustable seat and headset for kids of different heights. The available color is blue.


  • Frame material is steel for more durability & anti-rusting.
  • 7-Speed gearbox with twist shifter for smooth gear shifting.
  • Adjustable seat heights for growing children.
  • Disc brakes both in front, rear for good braking.


  • The Steel frame provides good stability.
  • Comfortable seat for long rides.
  • Precise gear shifting.
  • Brakes make a good balance for kids.
  • The kickstand offers to rest anywhere.


  • A little heavy for kids.
  • Frequently gear shifting becomes stuck on high gears.

Verdicts – Mongoose Kong Fat Tire Mountain Bike for Kids is a good choice for kids because these bikes build quality is top-notched, very safe to ride, and good acceleration while climbing high roads. Overall, if anyone considers this bike as a gift for their kids on occasion, it would be a great choice indeed.

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike is a mountain bike specially made for adults. For those who are trekking in mountains using a bike, this bike is for them. This bike’s fat tire with the great build quality also 7-speed gearbox with a comfortable seat makes a ride enjoyable and brings a smile to the rider’s face.


This bike’s frame size is 18 inches, wheel size is 26 inches, 4 inches width tire. The frame is made of steel mostly. This bike has a 7-speed with a rear derailleur also disc brakes available. Four colors available – silver yellow, matte black, silver black, tan.


  • Beach cruiser frame for comfortability.
  • Shimano gears to increase speed swiftly when climbing.
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes for controlling anywhere.
  • Mountain handlebar added for good balance.


  • Mongoose brand is well known for build quality.
  • Sturdy frame for absorbing the shocks while riding.
  • Riding any terrain easily like sands, snows, mountains, muds, etc.
  • Fat tires give maximum balancing in any road conditions.


  • The Aluminum frame makes it a little heavy.
  • Regular bikes are a little bit faster.

Verdicts – Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike focused on the everyday riding of a fat tire bike for adults, every feature in this bike is for that reason. We think, for a good budget this bike is a must-buy for those who are mountain trekking lovers and want to enjoy bike riding.

Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike, a rugged fat tire bike which excels at mountain climbing, long ride on snows or muddy roads, all terrains. This bike offers very durable build quality with knobby mountain tires for good speed and front suspension for comfortable riding. Safety comes from inbuilt dual disc brakes.


This bike’s wheelbase is 26 inches, tire width is 4.3 inches. The Solid steel frame and weight are lightweight because of the alloy rim. This bike’s maximum capacity is 440LBs, rider's height recommendation is 5.3 inches – 6.0 inches.


  • Excellent welding technology makes it very durable.
  • 21-Speed gear makes it speedy while climbing mountains.
  • Front suspension makes riding comfortable.
  • Anti-Slip brakes make every ride safe.
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes for safety & balancing.


  • Easy to assemble at home.
  • Aluminum disc brakes with cover.
  • Front suspension absorbs shocks on bumpy roads.
  • The carbon frame build serves for years.
  • Soft cushion, wide seat for comfortable riding.


  • Third-party purchase might lead to low quality parts.
  • The front suspension might feel stiff.

Verdicts – Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike is a pretty decent bike for the price. Aggressive looking, durable body, good balancing mechanism, and maintenance-free features made this fat tire mountain bike worth mentioning as a must buy. Recommended it to everyone.

As the name suggests ECOTRIC 20" New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike is an electronic motor based e bike which offers fat tire, good speed, good braking caliber, comfort, and good looking as a whole package. From mountain climbing to daily city ride, it covers all places.


This fat tire bike is powered by a 500W motor backed up by a 12ah lithium battery. Stainless steel used in the body and the brakes are made of aluminum. Wheel size is 20 inches, 4 inches wide fat tire. The maximum speed is 20Mph/H, max load is 200Lbs. Available two colors are black & white.


  • Lcd display for multi-functions.
  • Shimano 7-Speed gear with twist throttle.
  • Linearness design with aluminum alloy frame.
  • Removable battery for charging.
  • Foldable for compact carrying.


  • 21 miles coverage on a single charge.
  • Easy foldable for storing and carrying.
  • Shimano 7-speed external gear offers easy gear shifting.
  • Double disc in both front, rear for compact braking.
  • Extra gear attachment possible.


  • Charging takes a long time.
  • High hills climbing in mountains is not easy.

Verdicts – Despite some drawbacks of ECOTRIC 20" New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike, this bike is more than enough for everyday riding in cities or mountains. Powered by an electric motor, so traveling to a destination becomes so much easier for this bike. We suggest you should grab this ebike while having a chance.

Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike is a 350W motor powered fat tire bike for kids who want extra punch while riding different terrains. This is an IPx4 certified water resistance bike for trekking in any weather condition. It offers pedal-assist while going offroad or climbing hills.


This bike’s rim size is 20 inches and 4 inches wide fat tires. 350W motor is powered by a 7.8Ah li-ion rechargeable battery. The maximum load capacity is 264LBs. The recommended age is 8 years + and the colors available are black&white.


  • Aluminum alloy frame for durability.
  • 4 inches fat tire for stability and good grip.
  • 7-speed gears for smooth gear shifting.
  • Dual disc hydraulic brakes feature Shimano MF-TZ21 freehub.


  • 20 miles coverage on a single charge.
  • IPx4 rating water resistance.
  • 18.6 miles per hour top speed.
  • Pedal-assist with 83% less effort on hill rides.
  • Kickstand with locking function for standstill.


  • Unavailability of front fork suspension.
  • Charging requires a good amount of time.

Verdicts – Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike is considered one of the best fat bikes under $3,000. It’s a mix of both city rides and mountain rides. Kids would enjoy this bike a lot because of the motor assist pedal while riding off roads or mountains and having fun with friends.

Buying Guide for Best Fat Bikes under 2000

When choosing the best fat bikes under 2000 some might look for the best steel fat bikes, we have to be careful about choosing the main components for our fat tire bike. For $2000, we have to look for these components –

  • Frame material

In this price range, we have to look for an aluminum alloy frame. This frame offers very sturdy & durable build quality for the fat bike. Most of the entry-level fat bikes are made of steel which makes them heavier.

  • Suspension

Some fat bikes offer front fork suspension, some might not. A front suspension makes every ride very comfortable because it absorbs the shocks from jerking on the road. Without good suspension, fat bikes wouldn’t give a comfortable ride.

  • Size of wheel

Size of wheel matters for fat bikes. Usually, entry-level fat bikes come with 4 inches width tires, but there are some cases of 5 inches wide. 4 inches wide tires give comfortable riding and don’t reduce much speed.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

In this price range, fat tire mountain bikes offer hydraulic disc brakes. Have to ensure that our bikes have dual hydraulic disc brakes for maximum safety while braking.

  • Tire quality

Entry-level fat tire bikes come with good tires but we have to ensure that it has knobby tires as this tire offers smoothness and comfortable acceleration.

  • Motor powered

Motor powered bikes are called E-bike. In this price range, some fat tire bikes come with motor-powered and some come without motor powered. We would suggest going for raw and for kids, we would suggest going with a motor.

  • Seat position & comfort

The seat position is an important factor. We should focus on adjustable seat height and comfortable material built seats for our fat-tire bikes.

F.A.Q ( Frequently asked questions)

  • What is a Fat Bike?

A fat bike is called those bikes which have a very wide tire of 4 inches and higher, that is a fat bike.

  • Why Go Fat?

Those who want to enjoy mountain riding, sand area riding, muddy roads riding, they have to go fat because fat-tire bikes offer great stability, maneuverability in those road conditions.

  • Is a Fat Tire Bike Easy to Ride?

Yes! It’s easy to ride in all weather conditions also it offers great stability in all terrains.

  • What added Features Does a Fat Bike Need?

Fat bikes usually come in a complete package. No extra features are needed for riding. But if someone wants they can add more gears.


Several factors remain when buying the best fat bikes under 2000. Fat tire bike riding is very enjoyable and adventurous.

For your better understanding, we showed here the 8 best fat-tire bikes with their detailed information, good sides, negatives sides if any available, why you should buy them.

We also gave you a buying guide, so that you might get the best of our 8 best fat-tire bikes. As a rider, I would suggest only that go for the fat tire bike based on your area.

Have a good adventurous safe fat tire bike riding for refreshment, enjoyment & time-saving on different destinations.