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Are you looking for the best BMX bikes under 300? Maybe you would like to get the greatest one from the thousands of great bikes. It will be more comfortable if you can adequately research on real customer reviews.

Bmx Bike is designed mainly for sport on the off-road. It is most beloved as the best performer as a racing and stunting bicycle motocross. Moreover, it comes with traction support and maximum dirt preventing power.

Today, I am going to meet you to the best BMX bike I have ever seen, which may give you a vibe of a new world towards racing or stunting sports. So, let’s have a look through the article.

Mongoose Legion Review

According to my analysis on the BMX users, Mongoose Legion works better than other traditional bikes. But you are still confused on finding the best one?

 I have researched a lot to find the best BMX at the best affordable price. Luckily, I got it and continued using it from the last year to still. So, today I am sharing the noticeable features and benefits of this bike to rescue you from confusion.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion is a great revolution among the most popular BMX bike manufacturing companies. Its customer preference is increasing day by day for attractive features. At the same time, it is more demanding for its affordable pricing criteria. In a word, mongoose legion is a significant bike for a great appearance and functional benefits.

Mongoose is such a lightweight bike which you can use for multipurpose reasons. Similarly, the plastic body materials ensure the perfect grip. For example, the street park, flatland and dirty jumping racing all of the cases it performs as the best assistant. It comes with the range from LXS to L100. After then it has 20” wheel and 16” top-tube length. You will get more 25/11T drivetrain and a rear U-brake which is quite easier for your child. In the meantime, mongoose has 360-degree detangles on the front side.

 I, somehow, couldn’t skip it, because it successfully stands out with the excellent features over the 40 years. Most importantly, the manufacturer updates this model and continuously adding new features each year. I believe this model will fulfil your demands on sporting or racing. As well as make your cycling comfortable and enjoyable.

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Very lightweight stylish model is available with blue, pink and orange color.
  • Suitable for any kinds of jumping sports, racing and flatland sports.
  • It Comes with 20” wheel and 16” length of top-tube.
  • Up to 360-degree detangler has on the front of the bike.
  • Durable plastic body materials

Product Specification:

  • Frame: Hi-ten durable steel frame
  • Wheel Material: High-quality plastic
  • Break Type: Rim brake
  • Measurement: 38 x 27 x 56 inches
  • Color: Orange, blue and pink
  • Stand Over Height: 565mm
  • Chain Stay Length: 348mm


  • Plastic pedal is helpful for kids
  • Perfect for maximum types of riding or jumping
  • Available a rear U-brake, stable frame and gears.
  • Very less assemble time is maximum 30 minutes
  • Suitable for beginner free-style rider and pro-riders.


  • It has no any rotating hub for the brake system
  • Few gets frustrated for not having the pegs.

Why you choose Mongoose Legion

Mongoose legion BMX bike has some specific consideration. Likewise, you need to keep in mind that another person’s point of view may not match with your choice. However, it is based on individual’s preferences and comfort. Here I note out some of the things that you keep in mind to get the right mongoose legion.

Frame Materials: The durability of your bike will be is depends on materials that used in it. BMX has the reputation to bear highly abuse from different types of riding. For this reason, the frame material is essential. BMX, generally, arrives with four elements. These are respectively Titanium, Carbon fiber, Aluminum and High-tensile steel. Among all, titanium is the best durable among them but a bit expensive than all other parts.

On the other hand, hi-ten steel is compromising a little bit durability but very reasonable price. Besides, the weight is depending on the frame materials. Luckily, you will get a hi-ten steel frame into this model of mongoose. That’s why you can choose it.

Wheel Size: It comes with such a wheel size range that you can use it and also select it for your child. If the wheel size does not perfect, then you’re riding might be a complete failure. As mongoose offering the suitable wheel size according to your needs, you can go with it.

Riding style: Even though there are several bikes for riding style, but BMX legion is a great model that can suit almost all of the riding. You want to consistently dirt jumping, free-styling or racing with your bike, but how? Hence, BMX legion one covers all of these tricks.

Brakes: The braking system is mandatory for each bike. But BMX is giving special alloy U-braking system. Besides, there have few BMX models comes with cantilever brake. I prefer alloy u-brake. It is more effective than cantilever.

Rims: It comes with the standard sides of 32 mm. If you would like to put more heats on the wheel, then I suggest choosing 36 mm sides. But remember that the mongoose rims are made of aluminum which is better for structural support. The double-walled edge is suitable for maximum mongoose riders.

Tires: The riding speed, contact of location, the grip is depending on the tiers. The BMX legion gives you rolling tires for park or road riding. Most importantly, it can take up to 110psi pressure.

Safety Tips for BMX legion

There have some possibilities of risk while racing or jumping with BMX bike. But you follow a few simple steps; you can ignore these risk factors.

  • Protective devices like helmet, elbow and shin guards should wear
  • Wearing long-sleeve trousers and tops is useful for protecting the gloves and knees
  • Beneficial to check the bike pedal, wheel and brakes before starting the riding.


1. What BMX bike brand is the best?

It is depending on what you are looking exactly? But overall, I think that the mongoose as a fine, and popular brand since 1970. It is producing several excellent products for beginners and release within a very affordable price. I believe it is a good brand of your investment.

2. How do I maintain my BMX bike?

Regular maintaining can help a product to survive year after years. For BMX maintaining, you have to check out the tire pressure first. I think a rider should check the tires once in a week. After then, check the bearings and chain greased is ok or not. Besides, you should clean your bike regularly from road waste.

3. What size BMX bike should I get for my height?

Riders height

Wheel size

3'7" - 4'0"

16” wheel

4'0" - 4'10"

18” wheel

4'10" - 6'4"

20” wheel

Last Word:

I hope you understand why mongoose legion is the best bmx bikes under 300. It is appealing for great features and comes with user-friendly budget. The reasons for versatile benefits, it is stand out among the real fan. I personally prefer using it and suggest you to buy this praiseworthy model.

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