Best Comfortable Bike Seat for Your Balls – 2020


A great riding experience comes with the comfort level when you are on the two wheels. For a safe and smooth ride, we focus on its gear capacity, paddle, chain, brake, and so on. But do you know which part is the most important for a comfortable riding? Well, it is the saddle; funny but true. It is the prime contact point with your most sensitive body part. So, be careful while choosing your seat!

In that case, you may have questions regarding what causes such kind of discomfort! It varies from person to person. But the most often reason is because of choosing the wrong width saddle. The human body is a mystery and so does its parts such as the different width sit bone! In the most common scenario, discomfort arises due to the maximum load carried out by soft tissues rather than sit bones.

Top 3 Bike Seats for Your Balls:

You may find different saddles in similar bikes and this leads to a toss between a comfortable ride and instrumental torture. So, it would be wise if you check the seat for multiple times while buying a cycle. Check the compatibility between the undercarriage and your back. Based on the height of your saddle positioning, the width should be wider. You can apply little modification by adjusting different saddles of your own choice. Here go 3 best bike seats for your balls:

1. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Men

Bikeroo Comfortable Bicycle seat is one of the best-upgraded saddles that makes your journey comfortable and memorable. It is embedded with the coolest design and easily fitted in any type of bike. It mostly customized based on men’s anatomy. Along with this, the seller gives a money-back guarantee.

This seat is so supportive that it distributes your back pressure across all the saddle’s surface and helps you to avoid erectile dysfunction. This cycling seat has narrow design, center cutout, and soft foam that made it an ergonomic cycling seat. Bikeroo bike are universally fit and help you to achieve your target. It has been tested on 12000+ cycle lovers to examine its outcome. As a result, the manufacturers give guarantees on customer satisfaction via the good performance of such products.


  • Brand: Bikeroo
  • Item Dimension: 260 x 190 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Weight: 440 grams
  • Features

  • Premium quality & materials
  • Absorber bike seat
  • Universal fit & Versatile
  • Customized design for men
  • Pros

    • Memory foam makes it comfortable enough for the long ride
    • Absorbing shock via double spring suspensions
    • Sober design comes with a water-resistant cover and mounting tools
    • Universal fit
    • Money return guarantee
    • Reasonable price & high quality


    • Cheap plastic
    • Less supportive in breathing by the saddle cover
    • Less durable

    The ARS is especially for the intermediate bikers. It is used mostly in the town side area by the people who use cycles for going to work. This kind of saddle isn’t suitable enough for a long ride. It has a great look that you can select this one as a gift for anyone else. This is made in the USA. However, it is suitable for any type of weather condition. It contains steel rails.

    Moreover, its flexible foam provides a maximum level of support as well as a warm quilt. The overall length distribution and positioning refer to great anatomic relief. The cover used in it is Lycra which is also any type of erosion resistant.


    • Brand: Planet Bike
    • Model: 5000-1
    • Height: 2.9 Width: 6.5 (inch)
    • Color: Black
    • Size: 270 x 165 mm
    • Weight: 391 grams (Men)


    • Center recess (with Cut out)
    • Flexible foam padding
    • Lycra cover defeats abrasion
    • Designed for men mainly


    • Flexible base design that serves maximum support
    • ‘V’ shape refers that perfectly designed for men
    • Comfortable foam that relieves soft tissue pressure
    • Lightweight & Lycra cover made it any type of weather-resistant
    • Perfect town riding seat
    • Long-lasting steel rails
    • Price is reasonable


    • Imperfect for mountain or long ride
    • Some may find it too cushy 
    • Not waterproof
    • Incorrect line up in pressure points that may cause pain

    If you are looking for a smooth ride, Xmifer Bike Seat would be the right one. It has two anti-shock balls made from rubber for sufficient airflow vent situated in the center for heat dissipation. It doesn’t create any obstacle during moving your thigh. The material used in it is worthy of your money. And it can easily meet up one’s budgetary constraints.

    Furthermore, it concerns your safety via free reflective tape for night outing. Its microfiber artificial leather provides waterproof service which seems smooth. The cover is eco-friendly, simple, and transparent gel is used. Also, it can be easily installable as well as universally fit.


    • Brand: Xmifer
    • Model: Allen
    • Bike Type: Universal, Mountain, Cruiser, etc.
    • Color: Red
    • Material: Leather


    • Extra-wide with extra foam
    • Waterproof leather & Night light strap
    • Universal replacement & Ventilated
    • Ergonomic Design (sufficient airflow)


    • Oversized helps to relive tailbone
    • Dual Suspension ball helps to airflow
    • Safety Tape makes it visible in the night
    • Eco-friendly gel absorbs the erosion
    • Easy installable


    • Oversized 
    • Girly appearance & little bit Pricy
    • Too much shift

    Checklist before Buying Bike Seats for Your Balls:

    A common concept is the more the padding is the comfier the saddle is. But, no. In reality, padding causes more contact which might be less comfortable in a long ride. However, soft padding can be a primary solution. But it gets squishy that creates pressure on your sit bones. To choose an ideal one, here are the facts that you should go through:

    Shape: The first fact is the shape of the saddle. There are a variety level shaped and designed in the market. The common choice of riders is those saddles that are slightly wider with a curved profile. Meanwhile, shape varies depending on your purpose of riding such in racing, you need ultra-light and minimum padding seats; in mountain cycling- requires slim but comparatively more padding and the wide seat is good for occasional and leisure riding.
    Cutout & Relief Channels: The second most important thing is to check the flatness and padding quality. Even if these are good, you feel discomfort because of incorrect cutouts and relief layer comparing with your bum size. You find saddles with multiple ranges cutouts and relief channels in the market and so take a trial before buying! Some prefer the only cutout, some prefer relief channels and some prefer both based on their comfort priority.
    Width: In many shops, they provide memory foam to measure the perfect width of your bum. Generally, the manufacturer follows a trick that contains your bum’s width plus 2 cm more.  An alternative way is to use playdoh as well as a paper sheet to measure the width. Don’t think that big bum requires a big seat!
    Ensure multiple Trial: You may familiar with the word ‘time-trial’ position. The time-trialists can customize the saddles like Fizik Tritone. The pro-riders can set their rails also via this but also bound to maintain UCI rules.
    Check Rails & Materials: Rails represent the frame of the down portion of a saddle. These tend to be universally fit in case most of the saddles (modern bikes). It is made of steel/ titanium/ carbon-fiber or aluminum. The shell provides a basic profile of a seat made of aluminum or plastic or even carbon fiber. The leather saddle doesn’t carry shell.
    Cross-match Quality & Price: To do this, you need to note down the rate on particular saddles based on performance, durability, shock-absorbing capacity, leather quality, appearance, comfort, and padding. Then compare with it’s to other saddles and their pricing to check it is worth enough or not.
    Brand & Review: Manufacturers from the 19th century tend to be more reliable than you can easily rely on their edition. Along with, today’s technological advancement brings genius engineers in this manufacturing field that can also inspire you to try the new.

    It would be easier to check the reviews given by the real users. And this will help you to select the right one.

    Top 5 FAQs regarding Your Cycle seats

    1. How can I maintain my bike seat?

    There are no particular rules except wiping away the wet or clean the upper layer of your seat. But you need to check the underside layer to avoid rusting. You can also apply spray which is UV protective and to keep the newness.

    2. Can I install a bike seat by myself? How?

    Yes, you can. The basic facts you need to follow-

    • Lean on the wall for stabilizing your bike or use a bike stand
    • Check the downside of the seat, find screws to lose them
    • Replace a new seat; position it at the center by measuring the clamp
    • Fix your seat horizontally and tighten the screws
    3. How can I find a perfect saddle width?

    You can easily measure your bum width at home if you are unable to get a memory foam.

    • Put on cycling shots (thinner is great) and put a tinfoil paper on the floor.
    • Sit on that, bend forward like you are currently riding and slightly raise your toes
    • Be in this position for 15 to 30 seconds
    • Stand up and check foil paper. If the impression is visible you better calculate the distance otherwise try it again.
    • Add an extra 2 cm with your measured width.
    4. What is the proper height for a seat?

    If you want to ride faster, you need to extend the height of your seat. Measure your leg by fully extending it until the pedal in 6 o’clock position and you can still push the pedal with full strength.

    5. How to choose a perfect seat?

    You need to focus on a couple of things such as-

    • Riding purpose
    • Cushioning type
    • Cut-out positioning
    • Saddle materials
    • Absorption capacity

    Now You Choose!

    In general, men tend to use racing, touring, or MTB type saddles. People discuss the bike type but each of its components does matter. A complete contribution makes your journey worthwhile. Manufacturers understand this fact so that they are continuously trying to improve and launch new parts. As there are a lot of people in different shapes, variance in parts matters.

    Riding on a perfect saddle can inspire you to go for any type of riding at any time. So, make sure you sit on your seat before buying any bike or saddle!